General Questions

Our minimum loan amount is N200,000 and the upper limit for a new customer is N5,000,000. Both depend on borrower’s capacity to repay based on verifiable income level and other selection criteria.

Yes! You can find the amount including the discount if you repay early in the app!

There is no fixed interest rate on a loan. The interest rate is dependent on different factors such as the loan amount, tenure, current salary etc.

Our customer service hotline (01 700 3241) is available every Monday to Friday (9 AM – 5 PM). Our customer service email – is available every Monday to Friday – 24/7. You can also reach out through our social media platforms from 7 AM – 11 PM every Monday – Sunday. Please scroll down to find links to our social media pages.

About UhuruLoans

UhuruLoans is a licensed online lender, that provides instant loans and bill payments.

We request for your BVN to verify your identity and make sure you didn’t default from other companies.

To know your BVN, dial *565*0# from the phone number linked to your bank account.

Speed of delivery – It doesn’t take longer than it ought to as long as the necessary requirements are adequately met (less than 3 working days).
Flexibility – You can repay on or before your due date with a reduced interest rate
No hidden charges – Our interest charges are competitive and all-inclusive, ensuring transparency
The customer is King – Our team is trained to treat you with the utmost respect at all times

Loan processing takes less than three hours. Once your application has been approved, the loan will be disbursed into your Page account in less than three hours.

Apologies on that, you can apply again in 15 days! It might be for different reasons:

  • Not enough information found on the phone: You should increase your phone usage (Calls/SMS) to be eligible.
  • We decided not to give you a credit at this time after analyzing your profile. Keep using your bank account with healthy revenues to get a loan soon.

After You Apply

You will get a text message/ call/email confirming funds have been disbursed into your account. If you don’t receive this text within 24hrs, Please send an email to

Click on the “Repay” button in the app to pay with a Debit (ATM) card, USSD or Automatic Bank Transfer (via your wallet)

1. Click on ‘Loan details’ on the home screen

2. Click on ‘Pay’

3. Select ‘Full loan amount’ to pay your loan in full or select ‘Enter amount’ to manually enter the amount you would like to pay

4. Click on ‘Next’

5. Here you will see the following repayment options:

Bank Transfer

1. Here you will see your unique Bank account number (990*******) and your account name (UhuruLoans – [Your Name])

2. Click on ‘Copy’ and make a deposit into this account via your online banking platform or over the counter at any bank

USSD Transfer

1. Here you will see your bank’s USSD code combined with the amount you would like to repay and the Bank account number the funds will be transferred to

2. Copy this code and paste in your phone dialer to make payment

Debit (ATM) card

1. Select ‘ATM card’

2. Here you will see the card(s) registered to your account

3. Select the desired card and click ‘Pay’

4. Payment will be deducted from the account linked to the card

Please log in, you will find your customized dashboard that contains your credit status and/or all the details concerning your current balance.

As soon as your previous loan repayment is confirmed, you can reapply immediately and get another loan in seconds!

At The Dealership

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  1. You must fall within ages 22-59 years.
  2. You will need your employment or offer letter, evidence of your six months’ salary and a valid means of identification. It orders to qualify for the loan, and you must meet some criteria some of which include:
  3. You must have an existing and active bank account with a commercial bank in Nigeria.
  4. Must be well paid as an employee or own a thriving business
  5. Both the employee and business owner must verify their monthly income and must have a clean credit bureau.
  6. Your statement of account for up to six months is required, and there must be no issues of a returned cheque.
  7. Have a recent passport photo and an identity card to prove that you’re a staff of your organization.
  8. Salary bank statement for the last 3 months (must be stamped by the bank). Your bank can send it directly to us at
  9. NUBAN Cheque leaves for the duration of Loan/Activated Direct Debit Mandate

Please note that placing a standing instruction on your account is subject to availability of funds for both the bank charges and the amount to be debited from your account. Kindly visit your bank to ensure the standing instruction is properly setup or send email to

After You Have Been Approved

We are humans and understand that unexpected and unforeseen situations may occur.

However, we do not reschedule payment dates, you should take a loan only if you have the capacity to repay it to avoid:

> Late fees (1.5% per day late)
> Report to national credit bureaus – you will not be able to access loans from any company in the future
> Suspension of your UhuruLoans account
> Automatic debit on your bank account.

Ask your bank to enable your card for online transactions. You should be able to receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on your phone.